About Us

2Under Golf was created because golf and its equipment are so expensive and is the brainchild of golf loving Si Grady.

"I took up playing golf later in life and fell in love with the sport. Looking back I was absolutely besotted and still feel the same way today even after spending 10 years caddying on the infamous Old Course here in St Andrews, the Home of Golf. Premium golf equipment costs a fortune and I knew there was a way to bring high quality items to golfers for a fraction of the cost."

Golfing Supplies

From St Andrews, Scotland, 2 Under Golf are here to bring you fully functional and stylish golf wear and accessories at great prices!

St Andrews is recognised the world over as the home of golf, and the passion and enthusiasm players around the word feel for this historic venue is what drives our team to create attractive and useable golf products which everyone, from rookies to seasoned professionals, will be happy to be seen with on the course.

In some quarters, golf supplies are seen as unduly expensive, and fashions as limiting.  2 Under Golf are out to change that perception, while remaining deeply respectful of the heritage and traditions which make this one of the great sporting games.  Rather than simply offering for sale a range of items created by established sportswear manufacturers and designers who may never have stood on a fairway in their lives, we wanted to create something special.  Therefore, we have made it our mission to strip back the preconceptions, discover what dedicated players really want, and bring it to them for far less than you might imagine.

Golfing Products

All the golfing supplies from 2 Under Golf are those we use ourselves.  No gimmicks, no distractions, just high quality golfing products which will allow you to enjoy the activity to the full and improve your game with every round.

On the clothing side, our goal is not to dictate to our fellow golfers what the sport should look like.  On the contrary, we want to allow players to express themselves by offering a wide range of apparel which is appropriate and practical for the course.

How do you define your style on the course?  Which golfing products do you think are due a redesign?  Let us know on social media using the links below, or contact us directly for more information on 2 Under golfing supplies.

Our Mission

2Under Golf plans to be a leading online retailer for designer golf fashion. We aim to provide golfers with the latest & greatest products.
Our headquarters are located in St Andrews, Scotland, 'the Home of Golf', which means that our team is heavily invested in the sport and that our collective passion will never be matched.

When shopping online at 2Under Golf you can be absolutely sure that every product we feature on our website meets our incredibly high expectations when it comes to product quality and product design. We will never showcase any products which we wouldn't wear on the golf course ourselves..

We thrive on innovation, dedication and superior customer care. Our passion is for quality and we believe in offering the best products without the over inflated price tags. We believe our success will come from the flexibility in our approach to all our working relationships.

Customer Service

Every order placed online is just as important to us as the next. We strive to ensure we achieve 100% customer satisfaction and all our customers have the opportunity to leave genuine service & product feedback.

What's more, our dedicated customer service team are only ever an email or phone call away - always on hand to offer our expertise or to provide before & after sales support.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our team by emailing: info@2undergolf.co.uk

You can also call our sales support team during office hours on: +44 (0) 1334 806281

Finally, you can follow 2Under Golf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a lot of exciting content planned for the very near future.