All About Our Golfing Apparel

All About Our Golfing Apparel

Here at 2 Under Golf, we specialise in offering golf players with a range of men’s and women’s golf apparel. Our range is designed for serious players in mind, whether a dedicated hobbyist or a seasoned professional. Today we’re going to focus on our range of golfing apparel, including some tips on what not and what to wear when on the playing field.

What Not to Wear Golfing

Although golf is a sport, you can’t just dust off whatever sports apparel you may have at the back of your wardrobe. There is a certain etiquette to what is acceptable on the playing field when it comes to golf. You shouldn’t wear t-shirts or sports jerseys, and it should be free from any big banner advertising on either the back or front, and certainly not any foul language. When it comes to the bottom wear, you should avoid white, three-quarter length shorts, and those with draw strings. Whilst steel spikes are used by professionals, these won’t be allowed on most golf courses for hobbyists, so shoes should be either flat or with soft spikes only. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear trainers or any kind of flip-flop or sandal.

What Golf Apparel to Wear

As a top, both a long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirt are suitable, but it must have a collar. Likewise, shorts or slacks are both appropriate, but they must have belt loops. Common colours for golf apparel includes cream, beige, khaki, grey and tan. Whilst you may notice some golfers wearing pink and other bright colours, it’s required to build a reputation in the golfing community before graduating into such statement-making shades. You’ll need a belt for your belt loops, and some white socks to set the look off.

Golf Apparel at 2 Under Golf

When it comes to golf apparel at 2 Under Golf, we currently stock a great range of golf headwear. Whilst backwards caps are best avoided, hats can be great for all seasons. We supply a knitted bobble beanie in a choice of three colours: sky blue, mustard yellow, and khaki, which should complement the rest of your golfing apparel perfectly. These are ideal for cold and windy days on the golf course as the soft knit fabric offers the best thermal insulation. With our company branding along the cuff, these golf hats are made from 100% acrylic, which is able to dry quickly from any sweat you work up on the course, and its microfleece performance liner makes it not only warm, but comfortable. The idea of our apparel is to make it warm enough for any bad weather, but also allow for the freedom of movement necessary to have a good game.

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