Golf Gloves

Here at 2 Under Golf we offer our customers practical yet stylish golf wear and accessories at affordable prices. Our range includes three categories of golf gloves, including those designed for men in mind, those for women, and a unisex junior range. Typically, the male designs come up in larger sizes than the female designs, with the junior category being the smallest.

Personalised Golf Gloves

St Andrews in Scotland is renowned as the home of golf, so we are pleased to offer our personalised golf gloves across the UK to beginners as well as to seasoned professionals. The golf gloves that we supply is fully customisable, so as your glove gets used to your individual hands, you can enjoy a personalised pair of gloves that can brandish your name as well as mould to your hand.

Our men’s gloves come in premium leather from AAA Cabretta, available in a classic white, or a choice of colours, including red, blue, yellow, green and orange. The leather is water-resistant as well as being soft and pliable to the wearer’s and shape and movement. Moreover, the fabric offers breathability due to the use of panels and perforations.

Customisable Golf Gloves

Other than the difference in size, our women’s gloves also aim to reflect the subtleties of feminine posture in the design of the gloves. Finally, our range of junior golf gloves for children are made from the same quality materials as those in the adult range.

For more information about our customisable golf gloves, get in touch by emailing us at or call us on 01334 806281 to speak to a member of the team directly and we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have for us.