All About Our Range Finders

All About Our Range Finders

Like a sailor’s compass, a golf range finder is a tool which enable participants to get the most out of their activity by accurately judging the surroundings.  But whereas a compass it pretty much self-explanatory, getting the best out of a rangefinder can be a little more difficult, not least because there are several types of products available which all work on different principles.  And then, there are other nagging questions which discourage some players from investigating the world of rangefinders: Is the use of a rangefinder ‘cheating’?  Will the use of range finding technology get in the way of my efforts to improve my game?  Is the use of range finders bad for the game of golf as a whole?  Read on to learn the answers to these very important questions.

A golf range finder is a device which allows you to measure the distance from any point on the course to the hole, and therefore adjust your play accordingly.  If you know the distance from your ball to the green is at the upper end of your pitching distance, you will need to give your swing full power to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.  A shorter distance will require less power.  The first golf range finders were optical types, like a simpler version of the device a surveyor might use.  These models depend very much on the user to operate them accurately, and few golfers still use them.

As is so often the case, advances in technology have led to the development of products which are both accurate and easy to use.  GPS based systems allow runners, cyclists, sailors and other sportspeople to conveniently find their own location, in relation to other landmarks and fixed points.  For golfers, this means quick and easy measurements anywhere on the course – so long as the service you subscribe to has accurate data for the course you are playing.  And because this is a satellite-based system, you usually have to pay a subscription.

Laser range finders are the latest trend to sweep UK courses.  A laser range finder looks like a small spoting scope, and works by sending out a laser beam and measuring the reflection.  They are quick and easy to use, and can be used anywhere.  When they start using a laser range finder golf enthusiasts of all levels often wonder how they got along without it!

But, some purists may object, judging distances is part of the game.  Could using a laser range finder, or other golf range finding device, spoil the competition?  At the end of the day, a golf range finder is just a tool to help you to improve your game.  It’s still up to you to develop your stance, your swing, and other aspects of play.  No one would try to stop a sailor from using his compass at sea, would they?  In fact, regular use of a golf range finder will help you to develop your own skill of judging distances.

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