Golf and Women – A Intertwined History

Golf and Women – A Intertwined History

With the amount of women interested and participating in golf growing in number year after year, it is only right and fitting that ladies golf apparel such as ladies golf gloves, caps, t-shirts and such, as well as a choice of ladies golf accessories, should be readily available to women the world over.  The famous ‘home of golf’, Fife, is also where our own golfing merchandise store is located.  As we appreciate the sport, we make it our business to supply quality golfing products to all.  No matter where you are, you can purchase a choice of women’s golfing gloves here at 2 Under Golf, from our online store.

Golf has been, down the decades a predominately male orientated sport.  As such, women have had some struggles associated with being accepted as contenders and serious golfers.  However, the Scottish born history of the sport, as well as the deeply ingrained golfing heritage that St Andrews shares, is deeply intertwined and connected with women’s golfing, and with one woman’s love of the sport in particular.

Mary Queen of Scots reigned over her county and fellow Scots in the 1500’s.  It was during her reign and the time she spent playing this highly technical sport, that the St Andrews course was claimed from the Links grazing land. This ‘old’ course, during Mary’s time on the Scottish throne, is one of the many courses still at St Andrews today and is accepted as the oldest existing golf course in use.  Each year hundreds of thousands of people travel from around the globe to the famous courses set out at St Andrews, with 45,000 rounds being played on the old iconic course alone.

It was as Mary played golf, with her assistants, or cadets as they were otherwise known, carrying her clubs and other items, that the word ‘caddie’ was coined.  Despite the fact that she regularly played the sport, and had done since she was a child however, Mary still faced the scrutiny and scepticism from those around her.  George Buchanan, an influential historian, was one to openly criticise her choice of recreation and wrote that Mary was “playing sports that were clearly unsuitable for women”.  Unfortunately, this idea reflected the views of the times.  Of course, it has only been a matter of time for women the world over to prove that golf is not just meant for men. 

Owning a pair of women’s golf gloves that you feel comfortable with can really make your game swing more effective.  Having the right grip on your clubs, as well as the ability to let the club move in your hand, without gaining blisters, can improve your shot.  As such, you may wonder what Mary Queen of Scots would have made of the choice available of ladies golfing apparel and ladies golfing accessories you can purchase today.

Here in St Andrews, we have golfing wears, such as women’s golf gloves for sale, that makes golf ever more accessible to anyone who can appreciate it.  For more information, contact us today.