How Long Should Your Glove Last?

How Long Should Your Glove Last?

2Under Golf Premium AAA Cabretta GloveA quality glove is a necessity for your golf game.

How long should your golf glove last?

There are a few things which can influence the lifespan of your new golf glove. 
Quality of the glove, the conditions in which you play and the type of grip that the golfer uses, but ultimately, how well the golfer takes care of the glove, during and between rounds, impacts the life of the glove significantly.

Typically a good quality golf glove will last between 6 to 10 rounds.

Below we will share the following information to help you understand how to maximize the life of your golf gloves:

Factors that Influence the Life and Performance of your Golf Club

There are major factors that influence the life of your golf glove.  These include:

  • The quality of the glove
  • The conditions in which you play
  • Type of grips on your clubs
  • Care of the glove during and between rounds

The quality of the glove

There are many different brands and styles of golf gloves out on the market.  The cheapest gloves have an average feel even when they are brand new and will not ever provide a high quality feel in my personal opinion, but these do seem to last longer as they are typically a thicker but cheaper material.  

If you are looking for something cheap that will last a long time, the lower end glove will help you accomplish this.  The more high performing the glove is, the shorter it may last.  
Here at 2Under Golf, we have chosen to produce our gloves at the mid to high end market as we strongly believe that the grip is essential to the overall performance in your game.

The conditions in which you play 

If you are someone that plays golf during the warmer Summer months, the golf glove will become sweaty and may not last as long as if you were playing during the cooler weather.  

Another factor is if you play golf in wet conditions.  
When a glove gets wet, it starts to impact the immediate performance and shortens the long term life of the golf glove. When a glove gets wet and is not properly dried out during or post round, the glove will lose some of its grip and therefore performance.

Type of grips on your clubs

The style of grips on your clubs can play the biggest part in the lifespan of your gloves.  
A corded grip, when using a thinner better quality leather glove, can reduce the life span dramatically due to the extra friction, compared to a "Tour Velvet" style grip.
This is why many Pro golfers use around 6 gloves per round, so they can keep their confidence with their 'feel'. 

We can then go into your own personal grip style, which is different for every golfer. Some of you may be very light handed compared to others who are strong handed. This can lead to putting extra pressure on certain areas of the glove, weakening this area.

The primary purpose of your glove is to provide you with the confidence that you can make your regular swing and feel comfortable over the ball.  Golf is a difficult enough game with all of the potential bad things that may happen during your swing.  The last thing any golfer needs is self doubt that the club may fly out of their hands.
Changing your glove during your round will provide a better grip and also help your gloves last longer.  They are also great to have when you run into wet conditions and don’t want to wear rain gloves.  As soon as your lose your grip in the rain, you can forget about playing quality golf.

Here at 2Under Golf we would recommend buying your gloves in batches of 2-4 at a time.  
Place these gloves in your bag and be prepared to change your gloves mid round if you start to have any self doubt creep into your swing regarding your grip.

Care of your glove during and between rounds

How often do you take your glove off during those hot, sweaty rounds? 
Doing this can actually help your glove last longer.  Allowing your glove to properly air out during and after rounds will help prolong the life of the glove.  If you are someone who takes off their glove and throws it back into your bag when the glove is wet from the rain or sweat, it will reduce the quality and life of your glove.  
Always make sure you are looking after your glove if you want it to last longer.