When Should You Replace Your Golf Glove?

When Should You Replace Your Golf Glove?

If your Premium glove looks anything like this one, it's time to renew.


As the current lockdown is starting to ease up and many of you here in Scotland are looking forward to getting back out on the courses, you may find an old golf glove looking a bit worse for wear.
What happened? Can you breathe any life back into your old glove by putting it on and stretching it out a bit? No, Not really is the only answer.


Think of your golf gloves like a nice pair of comfortable shoes. Over time they reach that point where they fit comfortably and give you that loving feeling. However, they will wear out and need to be replaced. 

Five Indications You Should Buy a New Golf Glove

  1. If it is dirty:
    Over time, your dirty hands, sweat and nature’s dirt will discolour the glove.
    While pristine colour is not the only reason to switch gloves, it is a good indication of how long you have been using it, which tells you if it’s time for a replacement.
  2. If it feels crispy:
    Your glove is so permeated with hand sweat that it hardens in your golf bag. Please don’t keep forcing your hand into a hardened glove.
  3. Misshaped:
    Over time your glove will warp, due to the sweat mentioned above.
    If you put it on and it feels too small, please let it go and pick up a new one.
  4. If you play A LOT of golf:
    If you’re a serious golfer it is always good to have more than one glove in your bag. Switching them around between holes is a good idea, or you might alternate between gloves each day. Remember that it is good to let the glove sweat evaporate before you swing again.
  5. The glove is damaged:
    If there are any holes in your glove, you don’t need anyone to tell you that you need to buy a new one.

Caring For Your Premium Golf Glove 

Your Golf gloves will always wear out over time. You cannot use the same one forever so please don’t even try.
Appreciate each golf glove for its own lifespan and then release it when it is no longer any good for your game. 

Below are some of the best ways to prolong your gloves lifespan:

  1. Don’t get your glove wet.
    This means that you shouldn't grab a wet water bottle, hold a wet golf ball, or plunge your hand into any of our Scottish 'burns'. Don’t even touch your sweaty face. 
  2. Be very mindful when storing your golf glove after use.
    If you stuff it into your pocket, it will harden in that position and means your glove will be nice and crispy when you dig it out of your bag for the next round. The Best scenario is to store it flat without folding or warping it and placing into a Ziploc bag once clean and dry.

Wondering how to best clean your premium golf glove, please read How to clean your Premium Golf Gloves